Latest trends in retail marketing

Latest trends in retail marketing

Retail marketing is evolving. New trends have compelled the retailers to invest in technology. Fir any business, it is important to seize the positive trends and use it in business กระจก ทึบ แสง. The recent marketing trends in retail store marketing are digital signage technology. According to experts, over 57% purchase choices are made by customers while they are in the store. And the rest 43% customers are lured by marketing or promotional tools by brand. 

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With emergence of e-commerce, it’s difficult for retailers to draw customers in the store, let alone sell them product in the store. As many customers opt for online shopping than buying from the stores กระจกประหยัดพลังงาน. To survive in business, it is important for retailers to identify influential marketing tactics so customers will prefer retail shopping over online shopping. It is noticed that retailers are spending more money in styling their stores, what us the reason for that? Digital technology has taken place over traditional technology. Interactive digital signage is used by retailers to promote their product and to provide additional information to the customers.

This digital signage is basically the images, animated videos, audio and multimedia projections that are projected on LCD or LED. Digital signage technology is easy to use and customers enjoy the touch screen feature of digital signage. They are managed, controlled and created in a way to grab the attention of the customers. In most cases these digital signage devices are a huge success. It is often noticed that customers retain the name of the brand and the content displayed on digital signage. It is important for brands to connect with their customers. Digital signage enables the customer to have a memorable experience.

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 These display devices are easy to setup and are accessible to all age groups. For customers with disabilities, digital technology has improved accessibility. Now, digital kiosks come with adjustable height feature that can used by customers on wheelchair. Also, the touch screen solutions have enabled the customer to zoom in the content or use the audio feature to listen to the content. With the help of these features’ customers feel belonged and have an emotional attachment with the brand. Retail stores should also put-up way-findings kiosks that will assist the customer to find the right place. 

Before investing in digital signage or touch screen solutions, it is advised to contact an expert and take their advices. The initial investment can be high for small retail stores, but the returns make it worth it. If a retailer plans to open his store 24/7, then they should display digital kiosks. Digital kiosks are available around the clock. Touch screen digital kiosks has many benefits. It will protect from any physical damage and reduces the chances of theft or vandalism. With smart phones in every pocket, customers find it easy and suitable to use touch screen solution. The importance of touch screen solution is hard to look over. As these touch screen kiosks are available 24/7, there is no need to pay night employees.